Gold Moonbeam Awards

We just found out we won a Gold Moonbeam Awards and they described our book like this:

SuperKids (English & Spanish Editions)
Written by Anya Damiron; Illustrated by Pablo Pino; Edited by Lucia’Stories

SuperKids is a multi-award winning picture book about finding our own super powers, that motivates us to always look for the good in others.

In addition to the Mom’s Choice Award, this book won a Gold Medal Moonbeam Award in 2015, a silver medal at the Independent Publisher Book Awards 2016, and two Gold medals on the Elit Awards 2016, for best children’s Ebook (7 & under) and Best book website.

It’s a book with wonderful illustrations that shows abilities that people with special needs can develop, instead of what they cannot do. It’s a fun book about inclusion, respect, and love. It’s anti-bullying, and it teaches kids to respect diversity. Plus it helps kids feel great about being exactly who they are.

Gold Mom’s Choice Awards

I’m very happy to announce that our picture book SuperKids (English & Spanish Editions) of…

FIU Book Drive

As a part of their book drive, FIU gave our book «SuperKids» to the children…


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