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Anya writes, creates, collects, story-tells, rents, and sells picture books. She is an award-winning children’s book author, who loves producing and promoting picture books, that has founded several projects related to them in the Dominican Republic.

She began her career as a writer in 2008 by launching a collection of illustrated books that motivated children to be curious, to dream, to invent and to use their imagination and never stoped writing.

Since then, she continued to publish her books independently, until two of her titles were published internationally in 2018, translated to English, Catalan, Valencian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Korean ​​by the publishers: Algar, Animallibres, Bromera, Wydawnictwo Dwukropek, Folian Publishing House and EduNTech Co., Ltd.

Over time, Anya started creating social impact projects around children’s books and began storytelling in 2015 having presentations every week in several malls of her country, achieving a positive change in her community.

She also promotes family reading by sharing and renting her big collection of books from other countries with her project Renta a Cuento and now she has a book corner full of books curated by her where families can go read together for free.

Book Corner

Space with more than 3,000 picture books in English and Spanish, located in the one of the most important shopping malls of Santo Domingo. A place open to the public in which families can read together for free.

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Is the project around Anya’s new book. A colorful and fun picture book, which in addition to promoting friendship, it teaches children about endangered African species, raising awareness about the importance of our role in preserving them.

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Renta un Cuento

Anya shares her collection of picture books with hundreds of families since 2016. Renta un Cuento is a book rental service with home delivery. Each week the families receive a bag with books and return the ones they have, enjoying books at home for 7 days. It’s a project that promotes reading as a strategy to bring families together.

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You are super

A social impact project with the book SuperKids, that invites us to see disability in a different way with the aim of reducing bullying in society, mainly towards people with disabilities.

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Niños Aventureros

This is a children’s magazine created with the aim of promoting activities of family integration, closeness to nature, fun without technology, and fun learning.

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Lucia’Stories is a bilingual collection of children’s picture books that Anya launched on 2008 with the publication of the first two books. These books have been published and sold exclusively in the Dominican Republic. All show the value of being unique and emphasize that every child is exceptional in some way. 

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Since 2007 i have self-published 15 picture books in the Dominican Republic, some of which were part of social impact projects. In 2018 two of them were published by Algar Editorial and many other publishers in several languages. I believe we can help build a better future if we encourage kids to be curious, to dream, to invent, to be kind, and to help others, showing them how much their actions can change the world. You can find all those titles below:

10 años de Cuentos
2019 ISBN: 978-9945-8-0604-5

This is a wonderful compilation of Anya’s firsts 10 books together.

Soy Feroz
2019 ISBN: 978-9945-8-0568-0

Is there only one way of doing things?

wonders Milo, the little wolf of this story in the journey of becoming who he has always believed he will be.

A book about being ourselves, friendship, family support and following our dreams. A fun story full of music and onomatopoeias.


2018 ISBN: 978-84-9142-236-5

There is a BIG problem in the jungle, a really big problem!

But animals are too scared to try to find out who is the mysterious being that terrifies them every day. Thanks to a courageous wasp, everything changes unexpectedly.

A funny story that reminds us that, many times, things are not as we thought.


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10 Años de Cuentos

Enjoy 10 picture books in one with this wonderful compilation of Anya’s firsts 10 books together.

Tuntun HardCover

Tuntun is huge but he doesn’t know it. His footsteps scare all the other animals of the jungle, who think of everything before being brave enough to face the truth. Tuntun, reminds us that many times, things are not as we think.

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Soy Feroz HardCover

Is there only one way of doing things? wonders Milo, the little wolf of this story in the journey of becoming who he has always believed he will be. A book about being ourselves, friendship, family and following our dreams. A fun-filled story full of music and onomatopoeias.


SuperKids is a multi-award winning picture book about believing in our own super powers, that promotes inclusion.

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Soy Feroz PaperBack

A story about being authentic and brave, with a wolf that believes in his dreams and, with the help of his friends and family, fights to make it come true. A fun-filled story full of music and onomatopoeias.


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I am available for author visits, signings, book events, school presentations, storytelling events, and more. I live in the Dominican Republic, but am open to travel the world.

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