Anya loves creating, storytelling, and sharing picture books! 
She is a children’s book writer and a natural story-teller from the Dominican Republic.

Anya first began her writing career in 2008 with Lucia’Stories, a collection of picture books that encourages kids to be curious, to dream and to use their imagination. Since then, she has self-published fourteen books
with the support of several major brands striving to communicate important messages in a way that is impactful and fun.

She believes books are a wonderful tool that can help us create a better tomorrow by affecting the way children see the world around them.
In the past few years, Anya started creating projects around her books. Her latest project:, is about inclusion and is based on the multi award-winning book “SuperKids”.
After becoming a mom, Anya discovered the power of storytelling and it changed her life. Now she gives interactive presentations of her favorite books every weekend, motivating hundreds of families to read together and she runs a renting book library with more than a 1,000 picture books curated by her from all around the world.
Anya loves the process of working with talented people to build not just a book or a project, but to generate ideas that can make the world a better place.


Tuntun is social impact project around a book that will be launch in 2018. The book takes place in Africa and almost all the animals in it will be endangered, vulnerable, critically-endangered or near-threatened species. It’s about acceptance and will have a website with information about endangered animals of the wild.

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Renta un Cuento

In this project we recommend, rent, story-tell, and sell illustrated children’s books curated by Anya. Each week, families receive a new book of their selection, delivered to the doors of their houses. Every month, we import books from different foreign publishers and promote them with storytelling presentations.

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You are super

This project invites us to see disabilities in a different way. It aims to reduce bullying, especially towards people with special needs, with a colorful, fun-filled book about inclusion that has won five international awards.

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Niños Aventureros

This is a children’s magazine created with the aim of promoting activities of family integration, closeness to nature, fun without technology, and fun learning.

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Lucia’Stories is a bilingual collection of children’s picture books that Anya launched on 2008 with the publication of the first two books. These books have been published and sold exclusively in the Dominican Republic. All show the value of being unique and emphasize that every child is exceptional in some way. 

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I am available for author visits, signings, book events, school presentations, storytelling events, and more. I live in the Dominican Republic, but am open to travel the world.

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